Swaida Map Update: Syrian Army completely reverses ISIS gains, recaptures all lost territories


The offensive launched earlier this morning on the eastern countryside of Swaida has been fully contained and eventually reversed after proving costly for all sides.

Backed by local fighters, the Syrian Army managed to restore all towns and villages lost to ISIS earlier today, killing at least 50 militants.

Rami, Douma, Tima, Matonah and Tarba Kusaib; all have been restored after falling to the Islamic State for a few hours.

Moreover, the government troops also took over other nearby towns including Sharihi, Shabki, and Gaydat Hamayel.

A military source confirmed that the Army’s offensive hasn’t ended yet with the troops attempting to expand the buffer zone in the eastern countryside of the province in order to prevent future attacks.

Three suicide bombers from the Islamic State terror group blew up themselves inside the provincial capital, concurrently with a ground invasion on the eastern flanks.

ISIS onslaught has killed more than 70 people.

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