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Sydney May Day March protest govt. economic policies

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Thousands united on the global May Day across Australia to commemorate the workers rights in the country. The event drew more than 5 thousand people in Sydney, who protested against recent budget cuts introduced by the Australian prime minister Tony Abbott.
The massive crowd started their demonstration from Sydney’s parliament house, and marched on the city’s Central Business district. They held banners backing the workers rights and chanted slogans in support of the refugees. The protesters also chanted slogans against military expenditure. May Day has been commemorated for more than 120 years in Australia, with organizers saying it’s aimed at uniting workers for a better life. With the cuts introduced by the Abbott government in sectors including health care and education, many in the public believe that not only the low income families but also middle class Australians will be affected. The nationwide rallies are seen as a strong reaction to the government’s economic policies, with the protesters saying they will not remain silent. Now, it’s a matter of time whether the government will hear the public demands.

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