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Syria accuses Israeli, Turkish, US ‘occupiers’ of working together to destabilize country

The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a letter to the United Nations and the Security Council, in which it indicated that there was “coordination” between Turkey, Israel and America, after the increase in the Israeli military operations in the Syrian territories.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said in its message, which it delivered on Thursday, that the continuation of “Israel in its dangerous aggressive approach (recent military operations) proves the existence of prior coordination between the three Israeli, Turkish and American occupiers who occupy precious parts of the Syrian land.”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry indicated that this coordination is taking place in light of “the cover and the unlimited support of the American administration and the immunity from accountability it provides it with other countries in the Security Council.”

Damascus stressed in its statement that “the continuation of these systematic attacks, which are now more than ever threatening security and stability in the region, is unacceptable and will not constitute a fait accompli that can be accepted.”

Damascus indicated that the Israeli attacks “will not succeed in terrorizing the Syrian people, but rather increase their insistence on adhering to the inevitability of their victory over terrorism and to restore the occupied Syrian Golan until the June 4, 1967 line.”

In its message, the Syrian Foreign Ministry called on the UN Security Council, once again, to “assume its responsibilities within the framework of the United Nations Charter, the most important of which is the maintenance of international peace and security, and that the beginning of the year 2021 constitutes another opportunity to take firm and immediate measures to prevent the recurrence of these Israeli terrorist attacks.”

They added the need to oblige Israel to “respect its decisions related to the Separation of Forces Agreement and hold it accountable for its terrorism and crimes committed against the Syrian people, all of which constitute flagrant violations of the United Nations Charter, the provisions of international law, Security Council Resolutions 242, 338, 350 and 497 and all international resolutions and instruments related to combating terrorism.”

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