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Syria Afirms zionist Strikes Won’t Protect Occupation Partners

Syria affirmed that the Israeli repeated strikes on its lands won’t succeed in protecting partners of the occupation entity and its agents of terrorist organizations.

“In the framework of the Israeli occupation systematized policy, based on practicing the state terrorism and providing continuous support to armed terrorist groups, and in violation of Security Council Resolution No. 350 of 1974 on disengagement forces’ agreement, the Israeli occupation forces, at 1,18 a.m. on Monday February 15th, launched a new aggression on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic through a number of missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan and al-Khalil in the occupied Palestinian territory targeting the vicinity of Damascus city” Foreign and Expatriates ministry said in a letter addressed to UN Secretary General and President of Securing Council on Monday.

The Ministry added that the Israeli aggression is synchronized with the protest rallies held by Syrians in the occupied Golan to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the comprehensive national strike of February 14, 1982 in rejection of the null annexation decision and in assertion of the fact that Golan was and still is part and parcel of the Syrian Arab Republic’s territory, and it will return to its sovereignty sooner or later, and this right, guaranteed by the United Nations’ Charter, is imprescriptible.

It went on to say that Syria warns “Israel” of the dangerous repercussions of its continued aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic under illusive pretexts, and of its support for the armed terrorist organizations as well as its occupation of Arab lands, including the occupied Syrian Golan.

The letter stressed that the Syrian Arab Republic calls on Security council to assume its responsibility in the framework of the UN convention, condemn the Israeli flagrant aggression and hold it accountable for the Israeli crimes which violate the international law rules and UN resolutions No. 242, 338, 350 and 497.

Source: SANA

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