Syria announces 6 new coronavirus cases, 16 total

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that it had recorded six new coronavirus cases,, bringing the total number to 16, including two deaths.

The Syrian authorities imposed the first state of health isolation on a town in the Damascus countryside this week, following the death of a woman from the illness.

The authorities feared the possibility that she had contact with others in the town and transmitted the virus to them.

In addition, the governmental team concerned with the strategy to tackle the coronavirus epidemic decided to prohibited citizens from traveling throughout Syria between 12:00 P.M. and 6 P.M. on Friday and Saturday.

The Ministry pointed out that the curfew operation is carried out by the Internal Security Forces’ military in cooperation with the security services, the military police, and the military and security roadblocks established on the roads within the responsibility sectors in coordination with the provincial police leaders.

The Ministry stressed the necessity of intensifying patrols around the clock and enforcing the curfew in order to prevent the illness from spreading.

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