Syria: Army Annihilates Terrorist Group in Hasaka


The Syrian army, backed by popular defense groups, killed all members of ISIL’s branch in the vicinity of al-Salihya village in al-Hasaka province.

A military source said on Wednesday that the army and popular defense groups clashed with an ISIL group in the vicinity of al-Salihya village in al-Hasaka province, and killed 4 terrorists and confiscated their weapons.

Earlier this month, military sources said that Kurdish forcers of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) regained 17 villages in the countryside of Hasaka in Northeastern Syria.

The sources said that the Kurdish forces liberated all villages in the vicinity of Mount Abdulaziz from the ISIL militants, ARA news reported.

This comes after the ISIL militants launched an offensive on Kurdish-held areas in the countryside of Hasaka, followed by temporary evacuation by the YPG forces who then attacked the ISIL positions and killed more than 100 militants.

The YPG leadership declared Mount Abdulaziz region completely free of ISIL, including the villages of Bidee, Khazaa, Kharaa, Tel Hamam, Jafr Jrada, Hezomiya, Um Bakir, Um Taweel, Um Fakhir and Sfan among others.

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