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Syria Denounces US-Turkish Understandings as Blatant Aggression on Its Sovereignty

Syria expressed strong condemnation of the continued ‘destructive’ US interference in its affairs, voicing categorical rejection of all US-Turkish understandings over Syria.

Syrian foreign ministry lashed out at the US policy on Syria, stressing that such policy aims at prolonging and complicating the crisis.

“Syria expresses strong condemnation of the continued destructive US interference in its affairs as it aims at prolonging and complicating the crisis,” SANA news agency quoted a source at the foreign ministry as saying.

The source added that Syria “reiterated its categorical rejection of all forms of US-Turkish understandings which constitute a blatant aggression on Syria’s territorial integrity and national unity being a flagrant violation of the International Law principles and UN Charter.”

“The pretexts being promoted by the Turkish regime in its aggression on Syria under the disguise of protecting its national security are disproved by the behaviors and policies of this regime, which has been the fundamental base for terrorism,” the source added.

“Syria, which has been confronting all forms of terrorism for eight years, reaffirms the continued efforts to chase down the remnants of terrorism until it is completely eradicated from all Syrian territories along with the efforts exerted to confront all the separatist propositions, which threaten Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the source continued to say.

The statement said that Syria stresses at the same time going ahead in the constructive dealing until the crisis comes to end through a political process led by the Syrians themselves without foreign meddling and restoring security and stability to the unified and whole Syria.

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