Syria: Gov’t Forces Continue to Advance against Terrorists East of Damascus



The Syrian Army troops and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters crossed the Barada River in Eastern Ghouta and stormed the positions of Faylaq al-Rahman, pushing the terrorist group back from a key village and its surroundings.

The Syrian government forces’ crossed the main river in Damascus province and entered the strategic village of al-Nashabiyeh after hours of non-stop battle.

Faylaq al-Rahman left behind at least 18 dead members and fled the battlefield.

The attacks also inflicted major damage on the group’s military hardware.

In relevant developments in the province on Friday, the Syrian soldiers and Hezbollah fighters continued to drive the terrorist groups back from more territories in Eastern Ghouta and cut off a main supply route of Faylaq al-Rahman and Jeish al-Festat in the region.

The Syrian Armed Forces and Hezbollah, after two days of tough battle, cutoff Faylaq al-Rahman’s main supply road to the small town of Harasta al-Qantara, leaving them trapped between the government forces.

The pro-government forces’ advances inflicted a heavy death toll on the militants.

In addition to cutoff this supply road, the Syrian Armed Forces seized back more points at the Western farms between Harasta al-Qantara and Bala al-Qadhim.

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