Syria inflicts heavy losses on terrorists

Syria inflicts heavy losses on insurgents
The Syrian Army says it has inflicted heavy losses on foreign-backed insurgents who are fighting against the government in different parts of the country.

According to Press TV, Syrian government forces launched attacks against militants in the Damascus suburbs of Irbin, Douma, Eteibeh, Ghouta, Zamalka, and the Al-Ebb farms on Monday and killed a large number of them.
In addition, the Syrian armed forces captured many machine guns and rifles, ammunition, and communication devices.
Some leaders of the al-Qaeda-linked group al-Nusra Front were killed in Douma and Eteibeh, and one of the group’s commanders was killed in Homs.
Government forces also inflicted heavy losses on terrorists near the holy shrine of Sayeda Sakina, which is in Damascus, and killed the leader of the so-called al-Furqan group.
Al-Furqan’s headquarters in the northwestern city of Idlib also came under attack.
The army says dozens of armed men — most of whom were Chechen — were killed or injured in the attack on Idlib.

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