Syria paid heavy price to preserve homeland and independence: Syria President Assad

On Wednesday, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad addressed the members of the World Peace Council and the World Federation of Democratic Youth who are taking part in the meetings of the World Peace Council’s Executive Committee currently held in Damascus.

At the beginning of his address, President Assad thanked the participants for their support of Syria and their unwavering solidarity with the Syrian people since the beginning of the war.

The Syrian President said that the weight of the World Peace Council and the World Federation of Democratic Youth lies in their adherence to the principles of defending truth and embodying the principle of peace at a time when international policies are built on lies and deception.

Assad indicated that the world needs these organizations and parties especially amid attempts by some superpowers to turn international organizations into tools to strike stability and push for the destruction states.

Defending principles exacts a price, the President affirmed, citing Syria which paid a heavy price to preserve the homeland and independent decision.

“When principles are realistic and based on the will and interests of nations, they constitute a solid basis in the face of the narrow interests of some Western states who have never refrained from igniting wars to realize their goals by spreading the extremist ideology which was marketed by the US administration in the 1980s and promulgating ignorance in a way that plunges people into wars and through the spread of poverty in the world,” he added.

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