Syria: Popular Forces Hit Hard Terrorists’ Military Positions in Homs Province



The Syrian popular forces killed and injured several terrorists in a successful ambush in the Northern part of Homs province.

At least two terrorists were killed and several others were injured when the popular forces ambushed them in the Northern part of the village of Kafar Nan in Northern Homs.

In a relevant development on Saturday, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) significantly advanced against the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern part of Homs province and have deployed their ready-to-fight forces near the country’s main energy-rich region.

“The Syrian government forces pushed the ISIL terrorists back from a long chunk of Palmyra-Raqqa highway and have positioned their forces around the Arak oilfields,” the sources said.

“The rapid advances of the Syrian army and popular forces against the ISIL in the Eastern part of Homs province will end the terrorist group’s rule over the oil and gas fields,” the sources added.

“The Takfiri terrorist group will loss much of its oil supply,” they went on to say.

Also on Saturday, the Syrian government forces, in a fresh round of joint attacks, targeted the ISIL strongholds in the territories between Quaryatayn and Palmyra and forced the terrorists to retreat from more positions there, military sources said.

“Joint operation of the Syrian Army and the NDF has hit the ISIL centers in Bardeh mountain, and thus far has ended in the killing or wounding of tens of the terrorists,” the sources said.

“A number of hilltops have been recaptured in Bardeh mountains and the government forces have stared to fortify their positions in the newly-captured lands,” they further added.

“The ISIL terrorists were surprised due to the rapid action of the government forces,” the sources underlined.

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