Syria rebels commute in Turkish ambulances, report says

A report says the Syrian army has detected Turkish ambulances being used as transportation vehicles for the insurgents in Syria.

The Syrian army forces targeted and destroyed three of such vehicles while they were transporting insurgents from Turkey into the northwestern city of Idlib near the border, Al-Alam TV channel reported on Wednesday.

The Turkish government has been repeatedly criticized by various political parties for its interfering policies in Syria’s internal affairs, and the destruction of the ambulances could intensify the criticism of Ankara.

Tensions have been running high between Damascus and Ankara, with Syria accusing Turkey — along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar — of supporting the insurgency that has claimed the lives of many Syrians, including security and army personnel.

Turkey has beefed up its military defenses on its border with Syria over the past weeks, and stationed tanks, anti-aircraft missiles, and additional troops in the region.

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