Syrian Air Defense Intercepts 3 Israeli Missiles Targeting Military Site near Damascus


 Local media reported on Tuesday that the Syrian air defense units targeted and destroyed three out of at least six incoming missiles fired by Israel at a military research facility in Damascus countryside.

Syria’s state news agency, SANA, reported that the Syrian air defenses confronted an Israeli missile attack on one of the country’s military sites in the Damascus suburbs and intercepted three of the targets at 11:30pm Monday.

A military source blamed Tel Aviv for launching repeated attacks against the Syrian government’s military facilities in order to boost the morale of the collapsed terrorists, the agency added.

While details of the alleged strike remain scarce, a government source told Sputnik that “Syria’s air defense destroyed three of the six missiles that Israel launched at the Research Center in the suburbs of Damascus.”

Witnesses have meanwhile told Reuters that three strong explosions were heard near the village of Jamraya, some 5 kilometers (3 miles) Northwest of Damascus. Smoke was also allegedly visible rising above the area. The strikes in Jamraya, allegedly by Israeli warplanes, were also confirmed by Al Mayadeen News, which also noted that the Syrians managed to destroy three out of six missiles.

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