Syrian air defenses repel Israeli missile attack

Syrian air defense forces have repelled an attack launched from “the occupied territories”, according to Syrian state media.

Syria’s SANA news agency reported that the attack took place late on Sunday, with reports indicating that one of the four “hostile targets” was downed in the Aqrabah suburb near the capital Damascus. 

SANA did not further elaborate on the possible targets and casualties of the attack.

Reuters, citing a source affiliated with pro-Damascus forces, said that four cruise missiles were believed to have been shot from the Lebanese airspace towards Syria.

Meanwhile, the Syrian military repelled two drones flying over an airbase in the western city of Hama. Syrian forces also downed a third one over the city of Latakia. 

Unconfirmed images on social media allegedly show Israeli aerial activity over the southern Lebanese port city of Sidon prior to the attack.

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