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Syrian Analyst: US Seeks to Replace ISIL with Nusra Front as Partner in Syria, Iraq



A prominent Syrian analyst disclosed the US plots to replace the ISIL with the Nusra Front as its partner in Iraq and Syria.
“The Takfiri militia in Syria have again turned to direct confrontation with each other and the Qatari government seeks to show the al-Nusra Front as a moderate organization and the US and Obama seek to show it as their partner among the Sunnis so that it will be the side on the stage to fight the ISIL,” Hessam Shoaib, who makes research work on extremist groups in Syria, told FNA on Saturday.

“The US wants to put the al-Nusra Front as the only future replacement for the ISIL in Syria and Iraq,” he added.

Shoaib also revealed that on the other side, the Saudi regime seeks ISIL’s survival so that it can send the Saudi extremists outside the country to ensure security and survival of its monarch.

As the infighting between rival terrorist groups continues in several parts of Syria, the ISIL lost its positions to the Al-Nusra Front in the Southern parts of the country last week.

The ISIL terrorists withdrew from the town of Sahm Joulan in Western Dara’a as the Al-Nusra Front attacked the ISIL’s positions in that town.

Tens of terrorists from both sides were killed in heavy clashes.

The ISIL’s defeat from Al-Nusra Front in  Southern Syria came as the Takfiri terrorist group was also pushed back from vast territories in the North.

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