Syrian Army Advances in Hama after Military Operations against Terrorists

The Syrian army launched military operations against the terrorist groups in Northern Hama, retaking control of two strategic regions.

The Syrian army’s special forces engaged in heavy clashes with Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists in Northwestern Hama on Monday, killing several militants and regaining control of the strategic region of Tal al-Malah.

Then, they continued their advance towards al-Jabin and gained back control of the town.

Meantime, a Syrian field source reported that the Syrian army cleansed the Mahradeh-al-Saqilbiyeh strategic road after taking back control of al-Jabin, adding that other Syrian army troops are still engaged in clashes with the militants in al-Zawiqat, Talat al-Syriatel and 1154 heights near the border with Turkey in Northeastern Lattakia.

He added that the Syrian army soldiers are now targeting the terrorists’ moves near the strategic hills of Kabani towards areas of clashes in Northern Lattakia, killing a number of them and destroying several of their bases.

In a relevant development on Sunday, the Syrian and Russian air forces pounded and destroyed the most important bases and movements of terrorists in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib as the Damascus government dispatched new military convoys to Hama to launch military operations, the Arabic-language media outlets said.

The Arabic-language Al-Watan reported that the Syrian fighter jets conducted massive attacks on terrorists’ military positions in Northern Hama, South and Southwestern Idlib, destroying a network of underground tunnels of the terrorists in the surroundings of Ma’arat al-Numan and a center of terrorists in Ariha, killing tens of terrorists inside the tunnels.

Media reports also said that the Russian Air Force pounded several times and destroyed a military convoy of Tahrir al-Sham terrorists in Taftnaz military air base near the city of Idlib that was trying to attack the terrorists’ military positions in Northern Hama.

Meantime, the Syrian and Russian air forces destroyed a number of arms depots and heavy military equipment of Ansar al-Din and Turkistani terrorists in a joint military operation in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib.

Battlefield sources in Northern Syria also reported that the Syrian Army has dispatched massive military equipment comprising tens of vehicles carrying military equipment to al-Shalivat region in Northern Hama.

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