Syrian Army advances near Turkish border: Nuwarah village seized


Syrian Arab Army’s 103rd Brigade of the Republican Guard is steadily advancing in the Turkmen Mountains (Jabal Al-Turkmen) of northern Latakia, seizing several villages and geographical points in a short period of time after their imperative victory at the strategic town of Al-Rabi’yah last week. On Saturday morning, the 103rd Brigade – alongside Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra (Desert Hawks Brigade), the National Defense Forces (NDF), the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), and Muqawama Souri (Syrian Resistance) – imposed full control over the village of Nuwarah in the Turkmen Mountains after a violent battle with the Islamist rebels of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Syrian Al-Qaeda group) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The village of Nuwarah is situated in the Turkmen Mountains, just south of the Turkish border-crossing into Latakia and directly east of ‘Ateeri and the Zawaiyah Mountains (Jabal Al-Zawiyah). Since the capture of Al-Rabi’yah last weekend, the Syrian Armed Forces have shifted their focus to Kurdish Mountains (Jabal Al-Akrad) front, where they are attempting to capture the strategic village of Kinsibba.

If Kinsibba is captured by the Syrian Armed Forces in the coming days, they will be in position to seize the remaining territory under the Islamists control in both Jabal Al-Akrad and Jabal Al-Turkmen. More importantly, as the Syrian Armed Forces advance in the Turkmen Mountains, they are effectively cutting off the rebels main supply route to the Latakia Governorate.

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