Syrian Army annihilates 54 extremists in Raqqa, al-Nusra leader and 40 members in Aleppo

syrian army
The Syrian Arab Army carried out several operations against the Free Army militias in the country sides of Aleppo and Edlib.

The leader in al-Qaeda linked in al-Nusra Front Safeeh Ghanem, accompanied with 40 members in the front, got killed in an operation for the Syrian Army on their den in Mennegh area of Aleppo countryside.

The processes continued in Aleppo countryside by targeting positions in Kweirs, Khasheesh, Khan Touman and al-Sfeira, killing about 35 militants and totally destroying their dens.

The armed confrontations continued near al-Shabiba Camp near al-Nairab town, killing 10 insurgents, including the leader Jumaa Abu Khalid, where the army confronted an armed attack by gunmen on Wadi al-Deif town.

The confronting claimed the lives of 17 insurgents; one of them is called Muhammad A’zazi.

On the other hand, the Syrian Arab Army confronted an attack by the fighters of Free Army militia on strategic locations in Raqqa city.

The Army foiled an attack on al-Mashlab checkpoint in the eastern entry of Raqqa, killing and wounding about 14 of the attackers.

The Syrian Army confronted another attack on the bricks factory in the western side of Raqqa eastern countryside, killing the leader Tareq al-Hamdan, Muhammad al-Sheikh Ali and more than 33 other militants.

The Syrian Arab Army units also killed 7 members in Free Army militia, including Abed al-Haleen al-Omar and Basheer al-Mutlaq, during clashes near al-Baath dam in al-Tabaqa of Raqqa.

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