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Syrian Army Asks Citizens of Qusayr to Return to their Homes within Two Days


The Syrian Army and Armed Forces leadership said in a statement: “Our brave Armed Forces were able at dawn to restore security and stability to Al-Qusayr, and cleanse it from the enormity of terrorists, after a series of accurate and successful operations in the city and towns surrounding it, which killed a large number of terrorists while others surrendered and the rest escaped. Army units are now opening the roads, combing the region, and removing mines and barricades.”

The statement issued on Wednesday and published by Syrian News Agency, SANA added that “victory achieved on the hands of our auspicious heroes in the Army is a clear message to all the participants in the aggression against Syria, on top of which is the Zionist enemy, its agents in region, and tools on ground, that our Armed Forces are under constant readiness to confront any aggression our dear country is subjected to.”

“As our brave forces in the Syrian Arab Army assure that their battle against terrorism will continue until restoring security, safety, and independence to every part of the nation, it stresses that it is ready to be compassionate with deceived militants who surrender and drop their arms, whether those who escaped from Al-Qusayr or the ones in any part of Syria” the Syrian Army leadership added.

It further called upon “citizens of Al-Qusayr to return to their houses and possessions safely and confident within days,” and reassured “our people in general and citizens of Al-Qusayr in particular, especially those used as human shields by terrorists, that they were all evacuated and the wounded are being treated now.”

In parallel, the statement emphasized that “following the continuous victories in their war against organized terrorism, our armed forces reassure that they will not slacken in targeting militants whatever part of Syria they were in, as the soil of the nation as sacred and it cannot be violated, and whoever tries to violate it will be destined either to death or to surrender.”

In parallel, it indicated that “obtained documents which prove Arab, regional and Western parts’ involvement in terror in Syria are being examined and studied, and will be announced about at the appropriate timing.”

The statement concluded: “The Syrian Arab Army, the protector and shelter, expresses its gratitude to the Syrian citizens and proud Syrian people for their constant moral support and brace to the Army, and pledges that it will constantly be ready for challenge, steadfastness, and victory, God willing.”

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