Syrian Army captures new town in northeast Daraa amid rebel collapse


The Syrian forces have scored yet another advance into the rebel-held region of northeast Daraa as rebel defensives increasingly collapse due to intense shelling and airstrikes.

Spearheaded by the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Army imposed full control over Jadal town after server clashes with jihadi groups and FSA factions.

The recent advance was propelled by heavy artillery and rocket shelling, as well as intense aerial bombardment by the Syrian and Russian warplanes.

In a related context, a Syrian military source denied reports of storming the rebel stronghold of Busra al-Harir.

“The town is completely under our fire control but no troops have yet entered the jihadi bastion”, the same source commented.

Once Busra al-Harir is recaptured, militants in the stretching Lajat region will be completely besieged from other rebel-held areas in east Daraa countryside

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