Syrian Army Continues Campaign across Country, Kills Scores of ISIL Terrorists


The Syrian army killed more militants in large-scale military operations launched on Monday against armed terrorist organizations in several areas around the country, SANA reported.

Units of the Syrian armed forces foiled terrorists’ infiltration attempt and targeted their gatherings and dens in the countryside of Idleb northern province, leaving many of them dead and wounded and destroying a number of their cars.

The Syrian Army units thwarted terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from al-Doha into Kroom Jaba in Quneitra countryside, leaving many of them dead and wounded and destroying a number of their cars, a military source told SANA.

The Syrian army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings to the south of Ein Hussein al-Janoubi village in Homs countryside and a terrorists’ leaders den in the village of Deir Foul, killing a number of them and injuring others.

The Syrian military inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists and destroyed their weapons during operations launched against their gatherings and dens in Daraa Province.

Units of the Syrian armed forces destroyed a cache of ammunition, a cache of homemade Grad rockets, and a number of heavy vehicles, in addition to killing scores of terrorists, most of whom are of non-Syrian nationalities, after targeting their gatherings in the villages of al-Khadra, Beit Shrouq, and Torous in the northern countryside of Latakia province.

Other army units targeted terrorist concentrations and hideouts in al-Utaira and al-Shahroura in Latakia’s northern countryside, eliminating many terrorists and destroying ammo caches and vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

An army unit targeted hideouts used by terrorist groups’ leaders in al-Latamneh, Kafr Zita, and al-Arbaiyeen in Hama‘s northern countryside, killing and injuring a large number of terrorists and destroying their weapons.

In Hasaka countryside, army units eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others while targeting their concentrations in Aaliya and Abdelaziz Mountain.

An army unit eliminated scores of terrorists in Tal Refaat in Aleppo countryside and destroyed their vehicles, some of which were equipped with heavy machineguns.

Syrian Army units eliminated a large number of ISIL terrorists in al-Sina’a neighborhood, the 24th roundabout, near the Contractors Syndicate, and al-Ummal area in Deir Ezzor city, destroying dozens of cars which terrorists had been using.

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