Syrian Army Discovers Israeli Weapons in Lake Near Occupied Golan

The Syrian Army’s diving team found a large volume of arms and military hardware, including Israeli-made equipment, in Lake al-Horriyah near the occupied Golan Heights in Western Quneitra, an army source reported on Tuesday.

The diving team, in a cleansing operation in the Southwestern Quneitra province, found a large volume of arms, ammunition and military equipment in Lake al-Horriyah near the village of al-Horriyah in Western Quneitra near the buffer zone with occupied Golan, the source said, adding that terrorist groups had left their heavy weapons in the lake before withdrawing from the region in Summer.

The source said that a number of landmines made in Israel, missiles, cannons, tanks, machineguns and munitions were found by the team in the lake.

The army has discovered a large volume of arms and ammunition, including Grade missiles, in the lake since the beginning of November.

Meantime, the engineering units of the army discovered the arms and equipment which included the US-made TOW missiles, RPGs and its ammunition, machine-guns, grenades, mortars and other ammunitions in a farm between the towns of Babbila and Beit Saham near the capital Damascus.

The army forces also found a network of tunnels near Damascus used by the terrorists for transferring goods and weapons in their purging operations in the towns of Yalda, Babbila and Beit Saham in Southern Damascus.

Also, at least 100kg of explosives and 75kg of mines and grenades were discovered in the wells near the farms of the two towns of Beit Tima and Beit Saber.

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