Syrian Army Foils Terrorist Groups’ Attack Attempts in Several Areas


Syrian Army units launched wide military operations against tSyrian Armyerrorists in various areas around the country, repelling several infiltration and attack attempts.

Army units foiled armed terrorist groups’ infiltration attempt into al-Sheikh Said area in Aleppo towards safe areas, killing many terrorists and injuring others.

Army units clashed with armed terrorist groups on the axis of al-Sheikh Najjar-al-Breij, killing many of them and destroying their weapons.

Other army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings and dens in the industrial city, al-Leramoun, Khan al-Asal, Azzan, the surrounding area of the prison and Kafar Hamra areas, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

The source added that army units destroyed a number of vehicles loaded with ammunition on Hreitan-Andan- Kafar Hamra road, killing or injuring all the terrorists inside.

Syria State TV reported that the militant groups detonated Carlton Hotel in Aleppo, what led to fierce clashes between the terrorists and the Syrian army.

Army units in Daraa foiled two attempts by terrorist groups to infiltrate from Kherbet Ghazaleh towards al-Ghariyeh al-Gharbiyeh village and from al-Karal al-Sharqi towards a military postt, killing many terrorists and injuring others.

Other army units repelled attempts by terrorist groups to attack military posts in the surrounding of Nawa town. A number of their members got killed.

Terrorists’ gatherings were targeted in the towns of al-Tibeh, Samlin, Bosra al-Sham, al-Mseifreh, al-N’eimeh, Tal al-Zaatar and on al-Yadoudeh-Atman road in the countryside, leaving many terrorists dead and wounded.

In Homs province, units of the armed forces confronted attempts by terrorist groups to attack military posts on Palmyra-al-Sabaa Biar road, killing numbers of the their members.

Other army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Kfarlaha and Talzahab inal-Houleh and in the villages of al-Khreijeh, Rahoum and Jabal al-Kenn in al-Rastan. Many terrorists were killed and others were wounded.

In another context, authorities dismantled 8 roadside bombs that had been planted by terrorists on the road linking al-Sukhneh area and al-Heil field.

Another two explosive devices planted on one of the streets in al-Sukhneh city, located in Palmyra area, were dismantled.

Each of the bombs and explosive devices, which had been rigged to be remotely detonated, weighed 70 kg.

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