Syrian Army forces target positions of terrorists Nusra Front in Aleppo

Syrian Army forces target positions of Nusra Front in Aleppo
Units of Syrian Army has enabled to penetrate many neighborhoods that were controlled by al-Nusra front linked to Qaeda organization and has set up military check points in the middle of the areas

During the last couple days Syrian Army has achieved an obvious advance in Kalasah and Bashah Grove neighborhoods and has set up the first military check point near the pioneers park and another one near Zatar al-Nasser in the main street

Syrian Army has started his military operations in Kalasa neighborhood that exists in the south of the city center, where it carries out heavy clashes against insurgents near Jamal Abed al-Nasser mosque that was used by al-Nusra Front as a place for their meetings and an initiative point to raid on the commercial center of the city

Syrian Army sieges armed men in Qaser grove neighborhood, where the Syrian forces advances and sets up a check point near Huzaifa mosque

Units of Syrian Army carries out separated operations in the Eastern neighborhoods of the city specially in Shaar, Sakhor, Bab Tarek and Hanano housing to target the locations of the insurgents and the weapon stores claiming heavy losses between their ranks

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