Syrian Army Fortifies Positions in Desert Regions, Fresh Anti-Terrorism Operation Imminent


Local sources said that the Syrian Army troops fortified their positions in Syria’s Badiyeh (desert) in order to get ready for launching the next phase of their military operations against terrorists and sealing the border with Iraq.

The sources confirmed that the Syrian army troops have been fortifying their positions along battlefronts towards al-Tanf border-crossing region, adding that the arm men, meantime, have restored security to regions near the Palmyra city up to Zaza triangle and its Northern direction, stablishing security to regions 30km away from al-Tanf.

The sources said that the army soldiers have pinned down terrorists behind their positions in Eastern Qalamoun so strictly that the militants cannot prevent the army’s advances in the region.

The source further added that the army men will soon do the same with terrorist groups in Sweida countryside.

The source went on to say that the road connecting Badiyeh of Homs to al-Tanf is now the only supply line left for the terrorist groups of Aswad al-Sharqiyeh and Ahmad Abdou, adding that the army is now only 30km away from al-Tanf to cut off the supply line of the terrorists and lay siege on the two groups.

The army men took control of more than 5,000sq/km of land in Eastern Syria in the first phase of their operation codenamed al-Fajr al-Kobra.

Field sources reported on Monday that simultaneous with the rapid advances of the Syrian Army troops towards al-Tanf border-crossing the US-led coalition warplanes dropped thousands of leaflets over the army-controlled region calling on them to retreat from Southern Syria.

The sources said following the Syrian army’s advances towards al-Tanf border-crossing and their arrival in al-Shahmi region along the Damascus-Baghdad highway, the US-led coalition warplanes dropped thousands of leaflets, warning the Syrian units deployed in positions 55km away from al-Tanf to pull their forces back towards Zaza region.

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