Syrian Army Imposes Full Control over ISIL-Occupied Region in Southern Deir Ezzur

The Syrian army troops could fully cleanse an ISIL-occupied region in Southern Deir Ezzur and Eastern Homs during extensive military operations on Thursday.

Field sources reported that the army forces won back control of a region extending from areas near the T2 station in Southeastern Homs to Mo’eizileh region in Southern Deir Ezzur which was occupied by the ISIL.

They added that 1,200sq/km of lands have been purged of terrorists by the army, saying that the army forces killed over 50 militants in the operations and destroyed their military equipment.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Syrian army troops stormed the strongholds of the remaining pockets of ISIL terrorists in Western Deir Ezzur and Eastern Homs, and managed to restore security to more regions at the border with Iraq.

The army men managed to advance against ISIL in a vast region some 45km wide and 60km long in Eastern Homs after purging Ba’ar Atshan, Wadi al-Lawizeh and Tal Shadid regions of terrorists.

The army men further managed to reinvigorate security of a large region between T2 Oil Pumping Station in Southwestern Deir Ezzur and T3 Oil Pumping Station in Eastern Homs and between Humeimeh and al-Wa’ar Dam up to the borders with Iraq.

The strategic Humeimeh and T2 station are now fully safe and secured.

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