Syrian Army Intensifies Attack on ISIS Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo

Syrian Army Intensifies Attack on ISIS Terrorists Positions in Eastern Aleppo

Syrian army launched heavy artillery shelling at ISIS movements and fortified positions in areas surrounding a key thermal power plant in the Eastern parts of Aleppo province, military sources said on Tuesday.

“The ISIS has fortified its positions near the strategic power plant in Southeastern Aleppo province,” sources told FNA, adding that the army’s artillery units have been pounding the terrorists’ positions since early Tuesday morning.

In a separate operation, the army and popular forces engaged in clashes with ISIS terrorists in al-Tiba village, the sources said, adding that over 10 machinegun-equipped vehicles of the terrorist group were destroyed in the clashes, while a number of others were partially damaged.

In a separate development, the pro-government forces carried out a series of offensives against the the Al-Nusra positions and fortifications in a number of districts in Aleppo city, inflicting large casualties on the Al-Nusra militants.

According to the Syrian army, the Al-Nusra came under attack by the pro-government troops in Bab al-Nairab, Karm al-Qatiri, al-Sheikh Khidr and al-Ansari neighborhoods.

The army also said its forces managed to keep on their push against the militants in areas formerly controlled by them.

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces pounded and destroyed the militants’ machineguns and arms depot during attacks on their military positions in the surrounding areas of the thermal power plant and al-Tayyeba village on Monday.

Scores of militants were killed and wounded in the army attacks on the militants’ positions in Al-Tayyeba village and the thermal power plant.

Meantime, the Syrian air force struck the military positions and gathering centers of the terrorists in the town of Tal Rifat in Aleppo province, FNA reported.


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