Syrian Army is brave and the opposition fighters have limited opportunities -Reuters

opposition fighters
Reuters Agency has documented some of the developments of the current battles in Damascus countryside pointing to the braveness of the Syrian Army soldiers and to the limited opportunities for the fighters of the opposition.
The correspondent of Reuters Agency Goren Thomasevech has reported after living with the fighters of Free army saying that “the soldiers of Syrian army are trained very well and they are braves and armed more better.

So, in spite of the weakness of the Syrian soldiers of getting out the units of “Syrian Free Army” of the destroyed neighborhoods that have been displaced by the residents to the East
like what happened in Beirut or Sarajevo or Stalingrad, it is sniping war, where men track their aims through a telescope looking for human part or eyeball overlooks through an incision and use traps to hold the prey to die.

Once a opposition fighter patrol encountered a military unit inside a building, suddenly sounds of grenades echoed and shrapnel pierced the walls, and within seconds loud groans of wounded rose above the sound of the gunfire,

The report of the agency mentions some of the operations that was triggered by armed men and how they were defeated many times: there was many unpleasant surprisings, such as, when I was following a patrol for the armed men in al-Mleha, which was moving behind the house’s walls carefully to avoid sniping after a while we found ourselves in the confront of the Syrian soldiers, who initiated to shot the insurgents.

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