Syrian Army launches new operations across northwest Syria

The Syrian Arab Army carried out a wide-scale assault across the northwestern region of Syria, tonight, targeting several areas controlled by Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and the Turkish-backed rebels.

Led by their 4th Division and Republican Guard units, the Syrian Arab Army launched heavy attacks against the rebel forces in southern Aleppo, southern Idlib, and northern Hama.

According to a military source in Hama city, the Syrian Arab Army carried out their first major attack on southern Aleppo, hitting several Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham targets in and around the town of Jazraya.

While they were attacking southern Hama, the Syrian Army was also striking both northern Hama and southern Hama, the source said.

The Syrian Army was reportedly launching missiles and artillery shells towards the Jaysh Al-Izza positions in the town of Al-Latamnah (northern Hama) and also Al-Ta’manah (southern Idlib).

These attacks by the Syrian Arab Army come just hours after the Islamist rebels attempted to infiltrate the government’s positions near the key town of Mhardeh in northern Hama.

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