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Syrian army makes strategic advancement in Aleppo

Strategic advancement for Syrian army in Aleppo

Syrian soldiers have successfully retaken Jabal Arbaeen region in the province of Aleppo, as they were advancing from the western city of Idlib.

According to al-Alam reporter on Friday, Jabal Arbaeen was strategically significant to the army as it was a bastion for militants to dispatch armed groups to different parts of the country.

The region dominates Turkish borders with Syria, Latakia mountains and Aleppo suburbs.

Syrian army has been trying to get a way inside the vast province of Aleppo which is now the main commanding center for foreign-backed armed groups, especially terrorist al-Nusra Front, after the militants were defeated in their last stronghold in southern town of Qusayr.

Al-Nusra and its affiliated groups keep a strong hold of the province, occupying several towns and keeping them under strict siege which have deprived people from humanitarian supplies for months.

Battles are also underway in the ancient town of Maaloula, located at the north side of the capital Damascus.

Fierce clashes have been reported in the area which was released by the Syrian army last week but it has been subjected to daily attacks by al-Nusra terrorist who tried to occupy the town.

Maaloula residents, which are mostly Christians, have been joining the army in its operations against terrorist groups, according to our reporter.

The town was one of the last areas affected by the bloody foreign-backed insurgency in Syria which has gripped the country since March 2011.

Syrian soldiers are fighting with terrorist groups across the country who have been identified with highest levels of brutality in dealing with any soldier who falls into their hands, while the Syrian government is struggling with United States war threats over a chemical attack which it has a hard time to prove was committed by anti-Syria militants.

Despite Obama administration expressing confidence that the Syrian government was responsible for the attack on August 21, a leaked US military document showed there was evidence that the attack was a false-flag operation by al-Qaeda to open the way for US military intervention in Syria.

US government is facing with an increasingly opposing public opinion and international calls, not fire flames of a wider conflict in the Middle East and stick to practical political solution to help end the war.

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