Syrian Army operation in Daraa ends in decisive victory over militants

The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) military operation inside the Daraa Governorate this weekend has ended in a decisive victory against the militants that used the area launch attacks against their forces.

According to a field source in the Daraa Governorate, the Syrian Army was able to clear the town of Mazrib after several hours of battle against the group of militants responsible for the killing of nine soldiers earlier in the week.

The source said the Syrian Army made several arrests, while killing and wounding a number of other militants that refused to surrender themselves after being surrounded by the military for many hours on Thursday and Friday.

He would add that some of the militants managed to escape to the nearby town of Tafas, where they are now being pursued by the security forces in the area.

The Syrian Army is now in full control of the town of Mazrib and will maintain close watch over much of this region in the Daraa Governorate.

This latest military operation is the second of its kind this year, with the prior one taking place inside the town of Sinamayn in the northern countryside of Daraa.

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