Syrian Army operations kill 73 foreign-backed terrorists in Damascus countryside

50f97fa417a8dSyrian Army forces have carried out series of military operations against terrorists of Free Army in many towns of Damascus countryside

The military operations target positions of the insurgents in Daraya- Mleha and Muadamia towns, according to Breaking News Network reporter points out that the operations result in the death of 30 armed men, including Muhammad Sleman, Hamid Zabour and others

These operations continue in the eastern countryside of Damascus, when the Syrian forces have killed 33 members of Free Army terrorists, including a Tunisian gunmen called al-Bari in al-Ziabia, Duma, Harasta and Hegira towns

Syrian Army has foiled an armed attack on Njha housing and has killed at least 10 terrorists, according to Breaking News Network.

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