Syrian Army, Popular Forces Capture more Lands near Ancient Palmyra



The Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces continued to push back the ISIL from more positions in the Eastern side of Palmyra (Tadmur) in Southeastern Homs and restored security to more territories in the energy-rich region.

The Syrian pro-government forces stormed the ISIL strongholds along a road connecting Palmyra to T-3 oil pumping station and forced the Takfiri terrorist to retreat from their strongholds and captured more lands near Talileh Crossroad.

The Syrian army and popular forces then focused on Talileh crossroad, located between Palmyra city and the T-3 pumping station.

If the army manages to push ISIL back from this strategic region, then the next goal will be al-Sukhnah.

In relevant developments in the province on Tuesday, the Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces carried out a fresh round of anti-ISIL offensives in Northeastern Homs and forced the Takfiri group to retreat from more key heights.

The Syrian pro-government forces hit the ISIL strongholds hard and captured Tal Sawwan hilltop and several other heights around it after conducting a cleansing operation in Northeast Homs.

With Tal Sawwan under their control, the Syrian Armed Forces will now concentrate their efforts at al-Sha’er mountain.

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