Syrian Army prepares to storm east Aleppo



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has mobilized several thousand soldiers in the east Aleppo countryside, as they prepare to attack the Islamic State’s defenses near the Kuweires Military Airport.

According to a military source at the Kuweires Military Airport, the east Aleppo offensive will be led by the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” and their commander Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan.

The primary objective of this Syrian Arab Army offensive will be to liberate the Al-Safira Plains and build a buffer-zone around the eastern flank of the Sheikh Najjar Industrial District.

In addition to building a buffer-zone around the Sheikh Najjar Industrial District, the Tiger Forces will also push north towards Al-Bab, which is currently the target for both the Turkish-backed rebels and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Interesting enough, the Syrian Democratic Forces made their first advance towards Al-Bab after liberating 2 villages within 20km of the city.

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