Syrian Army Reports Further Advances in Eastern Ghouta



The Syrian army and popular forces pushed the terrorists back from more territories in Eastern Ghouta and captured several villages and their surroundings lands on Sunday.

“The Syrian government forces’ anti-terrorism operations in the Eastern part of Damascus which had started from Zabadain town ended in the liberation of several villages and their nearby regions,” military sources said.

“The terrorists left behind dozens of dead and wounded members and fled the battlefield,” they added.

Earlier reports from the same region informed of non-stop clashes among rival terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta.

In a relevant development on Saturday, Jeish al-Islam terrorist group stormed the strongholds of Faylaq al-Rahman and Jeish al-Festat in Eastern Ghouta and forced the two rival terrorist groups to retreat from their positions near two towns.

Jeish al-Islam’s offensive on its rivals took several hours and ended in the killing or wounding of several terrorists from both sides.

Jeish al-Islam pushed rivals back from the small towns of Mesraba and Modira and took full control over them.

Jeish al-Islam launched mop-up operation in the region and fortified its newly-captured positions.

Two members of Faylaq al-Rahman were also captured by Jeish al-Islam.

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