Syrian Army scores devastating ATGM strike on FSA terrorists in northern Latakia


An anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) team of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has today scored a highly-effective hit on a rebel vehicle traveling along a road in northern Latakia.

According to reports, eight rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were killed and another 4 wounded when an ATGM team of the SAA intercepted their vehicle as it was transiting towards the front-line near the town of al-Yamadiyah.

The SAA anti-tank unit fired its guided missile from a position on the Abu Ali hilltop.

The rebels who came under attack from the SAA belonged to the 2nd Coastal Divsion of the  FSA, a major militant formation in the region of Latakia.

All rebels killed and wounded in the attack were locals to the northern Latakia area, originating from the town of Al-Bashiyryah in the Jisr Al-Shugur countryside.

According to a military source exclusive to Al-Masdar News, the SAA carried out this attack in response to FSA rebels shelling the city of Latakia two days ago with BM-21 Grad rockets – a bombardment that resulted in the killing of one civilian and the injuring of two others.

In the rugged and heavily forested landscape of northern Latakia, the employment of ATGMs as a small-arms interdiction weapon to attack suspecting troop and vehicle movements is commonplace for both pro-government forces and rebels.

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