Syrian Army scores new advance in southern Syria after repelling ISIS offensive


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was able to score a new advance in the Al-Safa region of southern Syria, today, after a fierce 24 hour battle with the Islamic State (ISIS) forces.

The Syrian Arab Army began their counter-offensive by storming the Islamic State’s positions in the Qasr Sheikh Hussein area.

Following a series of intense clashes this morning, the Syrian Arab Army was able to fracture the Islamic State’s lines, resulting in the liberation of several points in the Qasr Sheikh area.

According to a military report from Sweida city, the Syrian Arab Army killed more than ten Islamic State militants during the battle, while also destroying at least one technical vehicle that belonged to the terrorist group.

The report added that the  Syrian Arab Army is now less than 400 meters away from imposing fire control over the entire Al-Safa hills area of Al-Sweida.

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