Syrian Army seizes 50 percent of East Ghouta in 2 weeks – Map update


After about two weeks of constant ground operations against armed rebel groups in Damascus’ East Ghouta region, the Syrian Army – led by the elite Tiger Forces Division and Republican Guard – has now seized about half of all the areas controlled by militants prior to the government’s ‘Damascus Steel’ offensive.

The operation has seen a major application of force by the Syrian Army through massed infantry and tanks assaults against rebel defenses backed up by tremendous artillery bombardment.

Russian and Syrian warplanes, conducting round-the-clock air attacks against insurgent positions, movements, gatherings and bases, have further compounded this already great shock-and-awe effect.

Translated in other terms, the Syrian Army has seized about a dozen militant stronghold towns that had hitherto resisted years of government assaults against them and captured virtually all of the once rebel-controlled farmland areas throughout East Ghouta.

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