Syrian Army Sends More Military Convoys to Sweida Desert to Counter ISIL

The Syrian Army dispatched more forces and equipment to the Eastern desert of Sweida on Tuesday to hunt the remaining pockets of ISIL trapped in the rugged terrain.

The army dispatched hundreds of soldiers, including more units of the 4th Division, tens of military and armored vehicles and heavy equipment to Toloul al-Safa regin in the Eastern desert of Sweida.

In the meantime, the army’s artillery and missile units pounded terrorists’ movements and positions in Toloul al-Safa as heavy fighting is underway between ISIL and Damascus ground forces in the region.

Last month, the army, led by their elite 4th Armored Division and 5th Corps, began their push up the steep cliffs of Toloul al-Safa region, striking several sites controlled by the ISIL terrorists.

Not long after launching their large-scale assault, the Syrian Army found themselves involved in a tough battle with the ISIL terrorists at one of several rocky cliffs in Toloul al-Safa region.

According to a military source in the provincial capital of Sweida, the Syrian army managed to advance up one of the highest peak in Toloul al-Safa region, leaving them only a short distance from imposing fire control over much of the area.

The military source said that the Syrian army did suffer over ten casualties trying to make this advance; they would also inflict heavy losses in the ISIL ranks.

The Army is now working to secure several hilltops in Toloul al-Safa region, as they look to eliminate the last remnants of the ISIL in Southern Syria.

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