Syrian Army Starts Fresh Operations to Win Back Aleppo Military Academy Buildings


The Syrian army started a new round of operations to seize back the military academy buildings South of Aleppo city in Northern Syria on Wednesday.

The army started its operations from the Eastern side of Project 1070 building complexes and the Southeastern side of al-Hamdaniya towards the military academy buildings.

The Syrian army is backed by Russian fighter jets, and the Syrian army’s missile and artillery backup.

The resistance forces have managed to advance towards technical academy building by cutting the terrorists’ defense lines.

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Tens of terrorists have been killed and wounded in the Syrian army’s military operations while many others have fled the region.

The army units and resistance forces also destroyed two military vehicles of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists.

In case of the Syrian army’s victory to purge terrorists from the technical academy building, the militants will be blocked to the Eastern part of the Aleppo city and the ground would then be paved for the liberation of al-Ramousiyeh garage.

The terrorists can enter the Eastern part of Aleppo city from al-Ramousiyeh garage.

Earlier on Wednesday, sources close to the terrorist groups acknowledged that intense airstrikes by the Syrian and Russian air forces have blocked the flow of arms and ammunition to them in the Southern countryside of Aleppo city from the Eastern side via al-Ramousiyeh.

“Many military vehicles carrying weapons and ammunition to Southern Aleppo have been targeted and destroyed,” the Arabic-language media outlets quoted a source close to Noureddin Al-Zanki terrorists as saying.

Meantime, the Syrian army intensified its artillery strikes on the terrorists’ military positions in the vicinity of Project 1070, killing over 80 terrorists along a road linking the project to al-Hekma school.

The Syrian fighter jets strongly pounded the terrorists’ centers in al-Bab road, Qaterchi region, al-Sha’ar, al-Jazmati, Qzi Askar, al-Meyser, al-Movaselat and Karm al-Tarab.

In a relevant development earlier on Wednesday, the Syrian army continued its advances in the Southern neighborhoods of Aleppo city and seized back most of the building complexes of the Project 1070.

The Syrian army and resistance forces have established control over 90 percent of Project 1070 building blocks, FNA dispatches said.

Tens of terrorists have been killed and wounded in tough battle with the Syrian army and the resistance forces over the building complex.

The Hezb al-Turkistani terrorist group sustained heavy losses in clashes with the Syrian government forces.

Project 1070 building complexes are located between two important and strategic regions of the military academy buildings and al-Hakama.

The complexes overlook the terrorists’ supply lines coming from al-Rashedeen5, al-Hakama and the Southern part of the village of al-Mushrefa.

On Tuesday, the army and resistance forces attacked the terrorists’ military positions near Project 1070 to take back the entire building complexes of the project.

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