Syrian Army Starts Important Military Operation Inside Darayya

For the first time in three years, the Army’ fighter jets pounded, this early morning, rebels’ fortifications, making it even harder for the local fighters to hold their positions with intensified artillery barrage and massive ground invasion.

An Al-Masdar field correspondent in Damascus City reported that the Syrian Armed Forces began their assault by firing a dozen missiles towards Darayya’s central district, paving the way for a new government advance.

Heavy clashes are ongoing at the moment; furthermore, the terrorist rebels of Ajnad Al-Sham are on the verge of retreating to the Darayya Association Quarter, as the Syrian Army presses their positions.

Prior to tonight’s offensive, the Syrian Armed Forces were limited to military operations inside the Al-Alaya District, which is located at the southern axis of Darayya.

The Syrian Arab Army’s High command is attempting to force Ajnad Al-Sham to reconcile with the government in order to avoid any more casualties from the battle of Darayya.

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