Syrian Army strikes back against ISIS in east Damascus: several hilltops liberated



The Syrian Arab Army’s 120th Brigade of the 2nd Division – backed by the 81st Brigade and the National Defense Forces (NDF) – launched a counter-attack against the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) in the east Damascus countryside on Thursday, liberating several hilltops from the terrorist group en rout to clearing much of the terrain around the strategic Dumayr Airbase.

According to a military source in Damascus City, the Syrian Armed Forces liberated the large hilltop of Tilal Kassarat Abu Al-Shamat and its nearby Quarry after a violent battle with the ISIS terrorists that have controlled this area for almost 2 weeks. In addition to liberating the aforementioned sites, the Syrian Armed Forces also beat back the ISIS terrorists that were attempting to advance on the Dumayr Airbase, killing several members of the terrorist group near this imperative military installation in east Damascus.

Currently, ISIS is situated 3 km north of the Dumayr Military Airbase; however, this is not as close as it seems because there is a whole mountain blocking the terrorist group from this military installation.

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