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Syrian Army unleashes relentless attack on terrorists forces in Al-Ghaab

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has been relentless in the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate, as their forces continue to hammer the terrorist positions in the Al-Ghaab Plain.

What began as a jihadist attack would quickly turn into a series of heavy strikes by the Syrian Arab Army, as they repeatedly fired missiles and artillery shells on the positions of the Hurras Al-Deen group and the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP).

A source in the nearby town of Joureen said the Syrian Army’s troops in the Al-Ghaab Plain continue to receive new reinforcements every few hours, despite an ongoing ceasefire that was established on March 5th in Moscow.

Over the weekend, the Hurras Al-Deen group carried out a powerful raid on the Syrian Army’s defenses at the town of Al-Tanjara; this would result in the death of more than 30 soldiers.

Since this attack, the Syrian Arab Army increased their security measures in the Al-Ghaab Plain, as it appears they are preparing to launch a new offensive in several areas in northwestern Syria.

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