Syrian attack choppers resume strikes on terrorist mountain stronghold

The Syrian Arab Air Force’s (SyAAF) attack choppers resumed their strikes on the terrorist mountain stronghold of Kabani this afternoon, following a brief hiatus this past weekend.

According to a military report from the Latakia Governorate, the Syrian Air Force’s choppers heavily bombarded Kabani and its surroundings, as they attempted to weaken the terrorist resolve in this area.

In addition to the helicopter attacks, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) also unleashed a heavy barrage of artillery and missile strikes towards Kabani.

The report said the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Division was responsible for much of the attack, which primarily concentrated on Kabani and its surrounding hilltops.

Since early August, the Syrian Arab Army has repeatedly attempted to capture Kabani from the jihadist rebels.

However, despite these repeated attacks, the Syrian Arab Army has been unable to enter the town or fortify their advances along this mountainous front.

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