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Syrian Cabinet Approves Executive List of Parties Law

In the framework of completing and following up the required steps and measures to implement the political reform program, the Cabinet in its session held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Safar, approved the executive list of the Parties Law stipulated for in the legislative decree for 2011 which was issued on August 8th 2011.

The aforementioned measure came in light of the Cabinet’s discussions of the draft list submitted by the Committee of the Parties’ Affairs and the proposals of the Ministers on enriching and developing it.

The list includes the executive instructions of establishing parties and the required measures to license them, in addition to the conditions of membership and the sources of funding the parties and their rights and duties.

The Parties Law stipulates for activating the political life and citizens’ participation and it stresses commitment to the constitution, principles of democracy and the rule of law and it is not based on religious, tribal, regional, denominational or profession- related basis.

According to the Law, the founding member of the party should enjoy a Syrian nationality for ten years at least, and a party should not accept any sort of donation, merit or benefit from any non-Syrian bodies or legal persons.

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