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Syrian cultural counselor: “Takfiri movement, made up by Zionism”

n00151508-bGhassan al Kelas, Syria Cultural Counselor in Iran, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of 27th International Islamic Unity Conference slammed Takfiri movements as Zionist-made movement which pursues ways to undermine Muslim solidarity.

He referred to Islam as a religion which is away from any religious, racial and sectarian prejudice and it is for the behavior of the people that they are different from each other.

He also referred to Takfiri movements in different Islamic countries and said,” These colorful pseudo-Islamic invitations are made by the Zionist regime and European countries and are in contrast with true Islam.”

Syrian cultural figure stressed,” The Zionist regime is concerned over independence of the Islamic nation because that turns Muslim nation to the most powerful nation in the world; hence, it is trying to undermine unity among Muslims through supporting their made-up Takfiri groups.”

He also highlighted the role of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic schools of Thought because it is the only Islamic forum of the Islamic countries which welcomes Muslims from all states.

“On the one hand this meeting brings more unity among Muslims and on the other hand it necessitates plans for future propaganda against Muslims and Islamic countries.”

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