Syrian Foreign Minister: US supports ISIS, Kurdish autonomy negotiable


American military planes regularly airlift and transport ISIS terrorists from battle zones to safe areas, presumably to use them in later offensives elsewhere. This was said by Walid al-Muallem, Foreign Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic, during an interview with RT on Monday.

“We have information and eyewitnesses on transporting ISIS terrorists aboard American aircraft, and maybe the US wants to use ISIS terrorists in other areas,” Muallem stated.

The Foreign Minister reiterated that all US military operations in Syria are “illegitimate, and it came without permission of the Syrian government,” and stated that all options are on the table in order to remove the illegal American presence from Syria: “We knock on all doors, and when diplomacy fails, we consider other solutions.”

“We must differentiate between the legitimate Russian presence in Syria and the US presence, which is an aggression against Syrian sovereignty.”, Muallem declared.

The US has been conducting airstrikes as well as special forces operations on Syrian soil since 2014, without any permission from the Syrian government or United Nations mandate.

Despite American claims that all its operations are aimed at the destruction of ISIS in the area, the US and its allies have been repeatedly criticised for targeting and killing civilians as well as Syrian government targets, and for its failure in dealing any significant blows to the terrorist organisation it is allegedly fighting.

On multiple occasions, Moscow has accused Washington of maintaining friendly ties with terrorist organisations tied to Al-Qaeda and even with ISIS itself. According to Russia, cooperation between US special forces and terrorist militias have slowed down the advance of the Syrian army in recent months.

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