Syrian foreign ministry declares a statement about detaining the Syrian airplane by Turkey

The Syrian foreign ministry said in a statement that the Syrian airplane that was forced to land by Turkey in Ankara airport did not carry any kinds of arms or illegal contents.

The ministry added that Syrian government demands the Turkish authorities to return all the contents of the airplane, where the authorities inspected the airplane, assaulted its crew and detained the passengers for long hours.

The ministry stated that this Turkish assaulting behavior is a sign for the hostile policy of Erdogan against Syria.

The Syrian ministry added that this brutal behavior would not make Syria dumping the friendship between the Syrian and Turkish peoples.

The Statement revealed that the civil airplane took off yesterday from Moscow to Syria at 14:26 pm, carrying several Syrian and Russian passengers, as at 17:20 pm and when the airplane entered the Turkish air space, the Turkish authorities forced the pilot to land in Ankara airport.

After landing, the passengers were asked to head to the waiting launch, as the Turkish security forces inspected the airplane, its crew was assaulted and its passengers were detained for hours.

Finally, the airplane took off to Damascus international airport on this dawn.

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