Syrian Grand Mufti: Syria stood firm against foreign-fuelled extremism

20131028-170420_h509491Syrian Grand Mufti, Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun said the Syrian government supports dialogue and any other route to solve the crisis in Syria politically.

In an interview with Russia Today TV channel on Monday, Hassoun said that Syria’s stances match Russia’s on dialogue and Geneva II conference, stressing that ”the homeland needs not opposition and loyalists, but it needs to be built.”

Hassoun indicated that Syria is subjected to a ”horrendous campaign to concede ground on the Palestinian cause,” considering that were Syria to succumb to US conditions, they will turn it into ”the Switzerland of the Arab world.”

Syria has stood firm against ”extremism brought from the outside,” Hassoun said, indicating that ”religious extremism has taken roots in Afghanistan when the US was sponsoring it and some Arab and European countries fuelled it under the name of Jihad.”

Hassoun pointed out that Russia stands with peace , not with Syria as it knows that ”the destruction of the Arab region will reach the entire eastern area of the world and will not spare the West.”

The Grand Mufti said terrorist will reach the Western countries as it is a plague that is transmitted through extremist media, institutions and economy.

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