Syrian Kurdish Forces Win Back 7 Key Villages in Raqqa Province



The Syrian Kurdish fighters continued their advances in Raqqa province and seized back over half a dozen strategic villages in tough battle with the ISIL terrorists.

The Kurdish forces took full control of seven villages of Al-Hamd, Al-Jad’an, Al-Jadou, Al-Badr, Al-Sarad, Delian and Delian Matli in Raqqa province after fierce clashes with the ISIL.

Scores of Takfiri terrorists were killed and wounded in the clashes with the Kurdish  forces.

The Kurdish forces have made considerable military gains against the ISIL in the Northern and Northeastern parts of Syria in recent days.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Kurdish forces seized back a key village in the Southwestern part of Hasaka province in heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists.

The Kurdish forces took full control of al-Makman village in Hasaka province.

Also on Monday, a top ISIL commander was killed in clashes with the SDF in the Southern part of Hasaka province.

Ala Ahmad al-Arsan known as Abu Modayen was killed in a fighting with the Kurdish fighters near the village of Merkadeh.

Elsewhere in the province the SDF targeted three ISIL bomb-laden vehicles before the terrorists can use them to hit Kurdish bases in the Southern part of Hasaka province.

On Sunday, the SDF continued to drive the ISIL terrorists back from more positions in the Northeastern province of Hasaka and imposed full control over one more key town.

The ISIL left behind tens of dead or wounded members and retreated from its stronghold in the town of al-Wasalah under the heavy offensive of the Kurdish fighters.

The ISIL military hardware also sustained major damage in the battle.

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